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2010-05-04, 6:35 PM
<form action="http://savefrom.net/index.php" method="get" target="_blank">   
<input type="text" name="url" value="Получить прямую ссылку" size="32" style="color:#f07000; margin-right:5px;" onfocus="this.value=''; this.onfocus=null;" /><input type="submit" value="Скачать" style="width:70px;" />
Categorie: Scripturi uCoz | Adaugat de: djnutzu
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2 Dheer  
Gee whiz, and I thghuot this would be hard to find out.

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1 Mulyana  
you won't be able to restore to 4.3 dtcerily, you will have to restore to a custom firmware that will make it possible for you to downgrade your bb. there are ways to reverse the bb back to normal. however it is not so simple. I would suggest downgrading to 4.1 and preserving your baseband and then upgrading to a custom 4.2.1 firmware with the old bb. because it will be much easier and you will be able to restore to 4.3 in the future without any issues.

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